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tv   Documentary  RT  April 21, 2018 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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but if you saw a way of trying trying to do what he said mike pence arms folded glazed eyes a sitting down when everyone else was celebrating when the two koreans marched into the olympic games and the whole crowd was cheering koreas on both the koreans on both sides were cheering the american government looked like an instruction and other peace train was starting to leave the station and so donald trump had to play catch up and jump under that train. islamic preacher convicted of hate speech in france has been deported after his appeal to the european of european court of human rights was rejected her daddy was sent back to algeria on friday following his conviction for provoking hatred towards jews shiites and also women in public speeches he reportedly made slurs against jewish people and also argued that women should not have the right to even leave their own homes without permission police had warned the man pose a significant threat and also his speeches encouraged acts of terror we put the
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issue up for debate people who come into the united kingdom you know france the european union have to sign up to the values of tolerance and respect respect for different faiths different ways of life it wasn't any kind of laws within europe freedom of movement of free speech he wanted to deny people that the issue is you can't be talking about freedom of speech and integrity and then silence people i will defend your right to free speech but when that free speech is the supreme oh the denying of all those their rights the nuts when the actual boundaries because stopped because you cannot have a say to somebody you have free speech although in that free speech you're trying to deny all the people that right and one of the problems we've got is what we don't see our justice system being dealt with properly and dealing with that it always does this system get on really that we see a number of extremists who are involved in terrorism or supporting terrorism now
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behind bars for just this is that is working because those people are being caught and be put behind bars we've got the extremists here who we cannot deport but to their own countries so you seem inconsistent not only if you demonize muslims if you denies muslims i mean sloan and you call as a cancer and you call as cockroaches that for think should earth will be called. now the sales of world cup tickets have been producing some into. patton's because america despite not qualifying has the largest number of fans coming over while the numbers from the u.k. are actually surprisingly small despite the england team booking their place at the tournament the number and number of reports in the british media of late have claimed though that any fans who travel over won't be safe the reason given is the supposed threat posed by russian hooligans however a new r.t. documentary has been looking at the problem in europe itself football beast premieres next week on the r c documentary channel.
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you never know what's around the corner you never know what's in there can be anything you say excitement excitement now and that's where the adrenaline the most comes from. and the violence is a part of it and it's almost a schizophrenia gang culture we can do all these things and behave quite badly. i mean stabbing up i read storm. ilk when they're young you should you still feel like through space all the fights they're fighting it's meaningful to lend us more sportsmanship.
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sickout and i think that the open mind is that we're seeing the last few months before us of all of the. people in the family for this tell us a little. leg . of us a partner but there are the months and a special of almost on the kursk a lot of sort of i brought a parched. beautiful room please take. me a slug on the slip. punishment and infirmed. rule. policy from the start.
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living in these amazing things if you don't understand know you come from your home from the. you are just going to court posix here in moscow. could the u.s. state of texas be making a bid for freedom from the rest of the country when it's certainly trying to say we'll have a look at that just after the break that's. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to press.
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you to go right to the press this is like the before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. or sit. at the plate for many flips over the years so i know the guy even so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the super money billionaire owners and spending two to twenty million playa. it's an experience like nothing else going to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great so we'll all chance with. and thinks it's going to.
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welcome back now it's come to light that the u.s. has been helping the lebanese armed forces in the fight against islamic state however it is fear that some of the money and equipment is actually ending up in the hands of hezbollah which washington does regard as a terror group the issue was raised in congress and levon on hezbollah are a terrorist organization uses towns to shield itself of tens of thousands of illegal rockets violent extremist organization or lebanese curveball or. is a murderous lebanese a terrorist organization figures to show that since two thousand and six the us has provided nearly one point seven billion dollars to help the lebanese army the security assistance funds were mainly used to provide equipment facilities and also training but after the disclosure a state department official said that the u.s. does keep track of all equipment handed over decreasing the risk of hezbollah
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actually using it however some members of congress along with regional experts do argue there's no difference between the lebanese army and hezbollah which is supported by iran experts told us they are not convinced. not only put money with love and look to put security forces with the bad mistake on the united states perjury were made this decision because those below basically used to trolling the entire lebanese armed forces and destroy them just drained from our shores. those. major tours were by iran and of course the conflict between the united states in iran knows very great as well as a conflict between us ally israel. the us administration. quite bluntly. puts it as if it has only one objective in bill of on the syrian lebanese in the even jordanian area
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and that is the defeat of isis they do not care about all the rest of course they don't want the conflict aeration between israel and hezbollah but as long as they believe that the libyan is armed forces are helping them against isis. they would rather ignore all the rest for israel it could be helping. him directly and contributing to further bloodshed if a new round of fighting. starts the lebanese government though takes a different view on the creep with its president praising has blas work and saying it helped avoid a civil war as bluff fight is also joined the country's army in anti islamic state operations. a group of texans is fighting for the lang star state's independence from the u.s. there's even
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a new book at night that explores the practicality of texan self rule but we spoke to its author and political commentator who both think that the men sim is building for so called tex it. if you you really want to drill down to why texas has had such an increase in support over the last decade it really boils down to one thing texans are sick and tired of being governed by one hundred eighty thousand pages of federal laws at the core texans believe that the best people to govern texas are texans this idea that somehow this political and economic union called the united states of america can be fixed is a myth it is a fallacy what we have seen is in any attempt to repair reform the federal union has been met with nothing but lip service and outright insult and outrage here in texas they propose as a political support in texas for texas independence or at the minimum
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a vote on texas independence and right now even with the president donald trump in office we are still facing significant structural issues in the united states and texas independence nice to be on the table well this texas nationalist movement was folded back in two thousand and nine in a sense gained more than three hundred fifty thousand supporters they are actively campaigning saying for an independence referendum among restrictions on government spending. to further reduce economic integration with theme less according to poll with more than half of independents supporters of republicans but we took to the streets of texas to see what lake was think a back to potential texas. make it ridiculous. now. let's get our good. friends i really don't. i. think. we are
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going to. rely on country from the right to take it from a partner. you don't really like and we've had this discussion texts and goodwill. for years to many people gave her a large group here. because you know me. you know ethnic group. you know as well as you know in california i think that. it's not going to happen it's not going to happen warn you. don't get over it will all be good. now it is a production in germany has come under fire for offering free tickets to spectators willing to wear swastikas the author was made ahead of the premiere of a play based on the youth the battle for hitler being staged to mark his birthday. the stuff he.
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was. doing. was. just the worst of this because it is disrespectful and clearly beyond the limits you don't present a play dealing with out of hitler on hitler's birthday literally insights and people with far right views to come to the theatre i think that's wrong because it takes him i would not do it like that i think it's very provocative i would have done something like that but we should not restrict freedom of speech or the arts.
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i wouldn't wear a star of david or a swastika just because someone tells me to no one adapts and i just i think i can show so darity without a dangerous star and show compassion for the victims of the holocaust has for those who take a swastika i find that outrageous but generally i like the idea behind this performance in hockey but if i choose to wear a swastika which i think i will do my motive will be to see how people react. my name come. local authorities have denied it breaches german or spawning the display of nazi symbols but the show has sparked a rally among residents alike collection green to scribe the production as an acceptable and also called for a boycott the place direct. he says he only wanted to create an environment for debate. but we need more awareness and we cannot read this erroneous with simple
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discussions but through action i want to provoke a discussion and get people arguing and that's exactly the idea behind this production. ok well before we go this hour let's give you an update on our breaking news from syria because the un backed chemical watchdog the o.p.c. w has announced that it's fact finding mission has visited one of the sites of an alleged chemical attack in the city of doom or to collect samples the samples will then be sent to a laboratory in the netherlands and other designated labs and the findings will be compiled in a report for submission to the states a party to the chemical weapons convention and while the o.p.c. w. added it will consider future steps including another possible visit to do to duma the russian foreign ministry has expressed concerns to over the alleged attempts by the organizations experts it says to limit the amount of visited sites and also were interviewed witnesses so that's the latest for the moment we'll be back with
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more for you in about thirty five minutes. if you go through history mankind has been a cruel and destructive over and over again and somehow our cities have come back and many are quite beautiful and wonderful place and. if you look at the middle east and places like syria it's it's i agree with you it's totally depressed. and i wish that the political issues involved with it could be resolved but i think until that is done there's very little hope that the cities will be able to turn the tide of.
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people and most definitely wasn't a victim. of any kind of a federation or i think from the russian side because it was both really destroyed russian could have to be fought us exchanges out of concern and they depended on it because they certainly have to get their people bank if they get into trouble. please. please please. just let sleepless. nights sleep little sleep such.
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forcing it bad you more for my g i c s so by. pressing it. with traffic going to high school now with this was a. must i mean i'm. going to spot something and laugh and will still be. there i think if you can hear me and. employers are pretty close. bhatia engineer may find out this middle ear cause i get the phone from. my father on my skin this i either. like cause my skin is full that is outside the .
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soon as this is true just do. it was good news. just goes to. get a little dept this is the album one still busy she. is going to tie that cub out of the town on the on line. mission goes among. the chandos on the ship on the side because of the jewish. school missy at the start up is pushed there's an awful. mala maced began to. smell sticks up on the sticks the whole. thing that's. missing is out of. this post will have something cheese same of their dish he used to not push for so long as it was and.
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. always pushed them to stone bridge made some want to. someone talk was a bore in their. bundle of joy that it was one of them if we had a knuckle under me and had them all into emma when the bargeman come on my second without staying because of the obvious. only to money and i look at it from is that how to care at ail remembering there is just me a lot of the us here here what happened here. what there is of all the footage of all that seems to have. turned up the last song fair song so the spanish polished. trauma from media coming. legendary wobbles and was
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a division of. skill and she just wanted. to go watch the state of the with her. for that she had the most eloquent some of the there was for them is that this was a harder. for me so you saw him. go for you that's going to you know someone with the must provide the sense of the. leader of. the oils of pressure coming to feel that i mean they're going to fit all they know my lady on the border my soul look up past the scene but i really. could yell so much cause a kick up the scores are going to happen to be the main media source shall carroll college interest call against events come along and make a bet is in the can people people can keep competing.
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on the field until our zero and i don't wish to share the skewed. he says he or can wish to go to the heart of the aisle for you to ask which of their organs was in a way a for me and you get shit if you don't overdo it it's still not an follow up. to. be able to. nah xander styled to spill aboard the looked after just that august even in tone where. the last three was a restart of. the. way you samples you're going to five gal of the horse scene if we don't mind the put on my old boss so. all more want to see you on board a bushmeat that is my will be based in with you i choose. to start as
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a sequel. all definitions that need to go into she received the. intel we have seen it with. key. squeeze a spot i mean. you just think they have. more or less so much. more they have fourteen should be on the. to do air or more. studies on if she can often age do more female to be tough but. not. the fire jerry was on. or off the. scent that is someone that should be it. up there there were no one back with.
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the. first thing the fact we need to know. the five. men when now going for my morning might have a goes up by me at last saying before you have what i love the sound my money's on the police i'm here from media too when you through the stuff with the cynical you . score you to stay be billeted seagal going on for what this i keep up with the the. to. well that's exactly the founder of the land one of the islands on the fleet but is appeal again that didn't see our. nephew who was on the west bank town and. smith's son did the same prey animals in the fields you want to fish with the money the deal supersedes even one. thing.
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